Hardwood Flooring


The floor is the largest surface in your home, for this reason, it’s important to have high-quality flooring that will not only look good but will also last you a long time. Investing in superior flooring is a smart choice for both the style of your property and its value. A professional flooring contractor understands the importance of quality materials and excellent craftsmanship.


If you’re looking for a skilled and experienced flooring contractor, call H & J Home Improvement LLC. Located in Thomasville, NC, we offer a variety of home improvement, maintenance, and construction services based on our customer’s needs and expectations. When you enter a room, it’s impossible not to notice the

Hardwood Flooring.

Engineered Hardwood


Engineered hardwood floors are a cost-efficient option for your flooring project. Its features deliver the quality you look for in a grade-A flooring product. It is real wood, but its construction is different from solid hardwood. Solid hardwood is a plank obtained from a single piece of wood.


Thanks to its construction, it is very resilient against humidity and temperature changes which can cause the boards to shrink or expand and result in gaps. If you want high-quality results for your flooring project, working with a superior product and a reliable flooring company like H & J Home Improvement LLC will guarantee your satisfaction.

Laminate Floor


Laminate floors are very popular among flooring materials. They are versatile and can easily combine with your space. Because of the diversity on finishes of laminate floors, you can mimic the look and feel of wood, ceramic and other materials.


At H & J Home Improvement LLC you can have professional laminate floor installations that are ideal for any home renovation, construction or remodeling project.

Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP)


Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) is the most popular product among all vinyl flooring options because it adapts to all tastes and lifestyles. LVP could be the ideal product for you.


Our well-trained team doesn’t have an equal installing luxury vinyl plank. We know that choosing the best vinyl is not an easy task; that is why we are committed to advising the client about the best product and the correct additives to make it last longer and in impeccable condition thru the years to come


Ceramic Floor


H & J Home Improvement LLC is a true expert in ceramic installation. We can help our clients to choose the best ceramic on the market, including a nice glaze.


At H & J Home Improvement LLC, we give you the lifetime guarantee that you will have a successful installation and a splendid looking Ceramic Floor. After the ceramic has been shaped, it is fired at a very high temperature in an oven called a kiln. Only well-trained people would discriminate between the quality of a wide variety of ceramics.

Whatever your needs may be in your remodeling project: Hardwood Flooring, Engineered Hardwood, Laminate Floor, Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) or Ceramic Floor, you should call H & J Home Improvement LLC at (336) 848-9682; a true professional will answer and dissipate any doubt you may have or, if you prefer a written estimate, we will be more than happy to issue one for you 100% free.